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Genesis 46:31-47:27

Author: Kent Berghuis

""Leading Wisely"
(Genesis 46:31-47:27)

Introduction:  Wise leaders prepare for the future by persevering today.

I.  Wise leaders prepare for the future (46:31-47:12).

	Joseph helps his family by:
	A.  Giving wise advice (46:31-34)
		--Joseph told them to be honest about their herds, while emphasizing that 	
	they were not nomads who would be a threat.
		--This action would ensure his family's way of life, while not offending .

	B.  Introducing them strategically (47:1-12)
		--Joseph emphasizes their intention to settle (1)
		--Joseph chooses key representatives (2)
		--They follow advice (3-4)
		--Pharaoh responds favorably (5-6)
		--Jacob speaks honestly about his difficult life (7-9)
		--Jacob blesses Pharaoh (10)
		--They follow through (11-12)

	C.  Applications:
		1.  Respect unique ways of life and work with them.
		2.  Be straightforward and polite when speaking about important issues.
		3.  Seek to both bless and be blessed by leaders.
		4.  Begin planning for your family's future today.

II.  Wise leaders persevere through present difficulties (47:13-27).

	A.  Joseph provided food to save the lives of his people (13-22).
		--First he sold grain at fair prices (13-15).
		--Then he bartered the grain for livestock (16-17).
		--Then he exchanged life (food) for land and labor (18-21). 
		--He provided for reasonable exceptions (22).

	B.  Joseph ensured prosperity for Pharaoh and the nation for years to come.
		--He provided seed to the people (23).
		--He enacted a just tax system (24a).
		--He allowed the people to keep the fruit of their labors (24b).
		--The people willingly served this wise leadership (25).
		--His policies had enduring value (26).
		--Israel enjoyed prosperity in the midst of famine (27).

	C.  Applications:
		1.  Always treat clients, customers, constituents, etc., fairly.
		2.  Do your best to help your employer, organization, etc., to prosper.
		3.  Think of the future impact of today's decisions.
		4.  Select leaders who will function with wisdom.


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