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Isaiah 12

Author: Scott David Foutz

Text: Isaiah 12
Occasion: Thanksgiving Service
Title: The Ministries of Thanksgiving

Intro: A Christian's life as a testimony to others

Challenge: Let your thanksgiving become a testimony to others.

I. Our personal experience of God's salvation should motivate us to Thanksgiving (vv. 1-3)
	a. Key word is "Salvation": may be understood in two ways:
		- Once for all (John 3,4): Foundational 
		- Daily experiences of God's salvation: Moments of provision, comfort, direction
			- (v.3) the "Wells of Salvation": experiences of refreshment throughout life
				- past: Your anger passed and you comforted me (v.1)
				- future: I will trust and not be afraid (because...) (v.2a)
				- *present: God is my strength and song; He has become to me salvation!	
	- Illustration: Long stretch of highway: But life's uncharted journey continues.

	b. These incidents of salvation are tokens of the ultimate salvation God has promised
		- experiences of God's provision, comfort, point toward eschatological salvation
		- Isaiah 11: Messianic prophecy: All Salvation will be grounded in the Messiah
	(- Isaiah here broadens the definition of "salvation", & now broadens "Thanksgiving")

II.  Our Thanksgiving should motivate us to testify to God's goodness (vv. 4-6) 
	a. These 7 expressions of testimony  naturally result from our experience of God's salvation
		- Give thanks to the Lord (offer thanks, confession in formal setting)
		- Call upon His Name (call for praise, help, etc., viz., open up your life to God)
		- Make known what He has done* (teach, instruct; Jer 16:21) *in your life! (cf. "wells")
		- Proclaim that His Name is exalted (call to rememberance)
		- Sing to the Lord for He has done glorious things (make music, praise in song)
		- Let (this) be known (point out, make others aware of; Lev 4:23 [of sin])
		- Shout aloud and Sing for joy (give a ringing shout/cry for joy, give expression)

	b. Why do all these things? : Our experience of God's presence among us.
		- Great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel!
		- Illustration: Invitations to a dorm room 
			- Motivation to invite is propotionate to quality of accomodations.
			- Motivation to invite others to experience Christ is proportionate to our 
			      recognition of His daily presence and provision.

	a. Take note of what is on your "thankful" list; See evidence of God's ultimate provision?
	b. Take note in which ways you personally express your thanks to God.
	c. Try this week to express your thanks in one of the ways prescribed by Isaiah.
Take the challenge!


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