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Jeremiah 19:1-14

Author: Ian Lyall
Ian is a Reader in the Church of England. His ministry is at Christ Church, Newark. You may contact him at

Sermon Title: JUSTICE

Main topic: God's justice as seen in judgment on his people in the OT exile and on today's church and his message of hope.

Begin with reading Psalm 137


1. The irony- they were in exile in Babylon- Babel, the place of rebellion after the Flood
2. They burn with anger, and they also weep. Vengeance is God's but we should guard against lukewamness in the face of injustice.


1. He had been the unpopular prophet of coming judgment. 'We've got the Temple. We must be OK' Trouble came in the form of Exile, for they were hell-bent on an idolatrous life-style.
2. The lesson for the Church.
  1. The OT Jews were God's covenant people (from Sinai)
  2. They had reneged and forgotten God is a God of justice
  3. We too are God's covenant people (the New Covenant in the Blood of Jesus Christ) Cp Exodus 19:5-6 and 1 Pet 2:8
  4. Our covenant calling (1 Pet 2:9) to 'declare'. We have reneged
  5. Don we mourn at spiritual exile. ("Do true believers mourn when they see the church despoiled...." Spurgeon on Psalm 137)
  6. We have false prophets of revival. They forget the requirements of 2 Chron 7:14


(Is there any hope?)
1. Don't give up. Build. Don't cave in
2. The promise of God is to 'him who overcomes' (Revelation 2-3)
3. Don't listen to the false prophets. Remember God is Holy. If we say God isn't bothered about sin, what message do we give to those who suffer
4. God has plans for us (v11)
5. Grieve for the state of the church & nation. Intercede for those who suffer injustice


Judgment and justice belong together. For a long time Britain lived under God's Word.
The rot set in with Darwin. Genesis 1-3 were rejeceted. Go wrong at the beginning and you go wrong everywhere. Romans 1:18-32 spells it out.
The world asks us to entertain. How can we?
We are called to be holy- not ivory-tower holy, but proclaiming a God of true justice.
We can only offer hope as we are set apart.

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