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Jeremiah 9:23-24

Author: Scott David Foutz

Text: Jeremiah 9:23-24

Title: The Key to True Happiness
Proposition: True and enduring happiness results from knowing God personally.

Intro: How many times happy this week? What caused it? Repeat weekly and identify central 
happiness. God wants to instruct us about happiness.

I. Our own achievements ought not be the source of our happiness (23)
	A. "Boast" = exclaim with joy (source of happiness)
	B. Common sources human happiness
		1. Wisdom (skills, intelligence, experience)
		2. Strength (physical, political, military)
		3. Riches (monetary, relational)
	C. These are incomparable.

II. Knowing God ought to be the source of our happiness (24)
	A. If you want to be happy, You must Know and Understand God.
	B. Knowing God personally involves knowing these things.
		1. God delights in LovingKindness: Basis of the relationship
			a. Reason for the Creation/ God's Universal Provision 
				(Ps. 33:5; = "the earth is filled with God's unfailing love")
			b. Willingness to provide a Plan of redemtion (Psalm 130:7)
			      - Old Covenant stems from God's Love (Ex 34:6-7)
			      - New Covenant stems from God's Love (John 3:16)

		2. God delights in Justice: Stipulations of the relationship
			a. God sets out correct strategies for fellowship (covenants)
				- Mosaic law and atonement (Jews' failure: Jeremiah 8:7)
				- God's own Son as Sacrifice for the world
			b. The Justice of God is not condemnation, but LIFE!!! 
				- not punishment, but path

		3. God delights in Righteousness: Fulfilment of the relationship
			a. God Himself is the standard of Righteousness 
				- points to faithfulness/ yet also, insurmountable standard)
			b. The Messiah is righteous by fulfilling God's standard
				- E.g, Baptism (Mt 3:15) and the "Cup" (Mk 14:36)
			c. Children of God are made righteous by Faith in the Messiah 
				- imputed righteousness (Jeremiah 23:5-6)

	The world itself, the Word and our being heard by God all point to God's relation with us.
	As long as we recognize this, we cannot help but to see God as our source of happiness. 


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