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Psalm 107

Author: Scott Foutz

Text: Psalm 107
Title: 4 types of encounters with God

Introduction: The redeemed... gathered from all lands (vv. 1-3)

I. The Helpless and Wandering (4-9)
	A. Those who were wandering yet looking for a good place to dwell
	B. In realizing they were helpless they cried out to the Lord
	C. God led them to a dwelling place

II. The Rebellious and Disobedient (10-16)
	A. Those who were suffering from rebellion against God's words and counsel
	B. Due to their disobedience they were subjected to bondage
	C. They called on the Lord and He freed them from their darkness and gloom

III. The Foolish and Ignorant (17-22)
	A. Those who out of foolishness & ignorance suffered afflictions of mind/body
	B. As they see themselves approaching death they cry out to the Lord
	C. The lord sends His word and heals them from their suffering

IV. The Ambitious and Self-Sufficient (23-32)
	A. Those who out of ambition set courses for themselves in hopes of prospering
	B. God appoints situations against which they are helpless even unto destruction
	C. Out of desperation they cry out to the Lord and He saves them from distress

	A. God turns man's rivers into deserts.... due to his sin (33-34)
	B He turns that desert into pools for those who cry out to the Lord (35-38)
	C. Yet if those who cried out become proud the Lord will punish them and raise 	
		up others who are needy (39-41)
	D. The upright observe this and rejoice but the wicked stand in fear
	     Whoever is wise will heed these things and consider God's great love (42)


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