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Psalm 19

Author: Scott Foutz

Text: Psalm 19

Title: The Radiance of the Word of the Lord
Proposition: The climax of God's ministry to the world is the individual's response of obedience

Intro: Comparison of a lamp to the sun/ the Sun to the Word.
	C.S. Lewis quote: "I take this to be the greatest poem in the Psalter and one of the
			         greatest lyrics in the world." (Reflections on the Psalms, 56)
1. The Heavens declare the Glory of God (1-6)

	A. A Panoramic View
		1. The heavens, skies, sun (day), moon and stars (night) (1-4a)
		2. Their declaration is heard by all men/ all perspectives

	B. The Example of the Sun
		1. It is: brilliant/glorious (bridegroom), majestic/powerful (champion), (4b-6)
		2. It's heat warms/ impacts ALL of creation

	C. The sun declares the glory of God through its power, grandeur and impact on life
**(audience agrees [expectation of next verse]; But what is the next stanza?)

2. The Word of God pours forth the Perfect Ministries of God (7-11)

	A. Six Names for the Word of God (poetically synon./ theolog. all-embracing)
		(law, statute, precept, commands, fear, ordinances)

	B. Six Descriptions of the Word of God
		(perfect, trustworthy, right, radiant, pure, sure)

	C. Six Ministries of the Word of God
		1. revives the soul (nourishment in spiritual/emotional areas of "life") (7a)
		2. makes wise the simple (moral/spiritual education.Who is simple? Ps.14:1)
		3. gives joy to the heart (Joy and Peace through reading the Word) (8a)
		4. gives light to the eyes (reveals deeper truth and reality in our lives) (8b)
		5. [the Fear of the Lord (is pure and)] endures forever (9a)
 			a. Fear of God/ the Lord = nec. understanding, attitude, obedience
			b. The Word is given so that we may correctly "fear" (Deut. 6:1-2)
				- Without the Word, we cannot have this relationship
			c. The purpose of Word is to establish in us a true relationship w/ God
				- not law for law's sake (Jews' follow the law without fear of God)
				- provision for an enduring relationship
			d. "Fear.. endures forever" = enduring/stable guide into God's presence
		6. is altogether righteous (summation; righteous in its ministry to us) (9b)
			a. more precious than gold (treasures we strive after) (10a)
			b. sweeter than honey (pleasures we enjoy so much) (10b)

	D. The Word declares the minsitries of God through its power, grandeur and impact
**(Gaze: from Heavens to Word [expecting another verse?]; But what is the conclusion?)

Conclusion: The Climax of the Psalm (Where is it? Not Heaven or Word, but Individual)

	A. Gazing squarely at ourselves: Sense of unworthiness, humility, self-examin. (12-3) 

	B. Realization of our responsibility: To join in on the "pouring forth" of praise (14)

	C. We proclaim acceptable praise by being impacted by the Word
		1. Action, word, deed
		2. specific areas of action, word, deed (to spouse, family, co-workers, etc.)

	D. The Climax of the Psalm and God's Ministries is our own response (read v. 14)


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