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Psalm 27:1-6

Author: Scott Foutz

Text: Psalm 27:1-6
Title: Look to the Lord
Proposition: We find solace in the presence of the Lord.

   A. In difficult times, Christians have historically put their hope in the Lord.
       Historical Illustration:
   B. Scripture provides a clear understanding into this privilege of Hope.


   A. Having faith in Who God is.
      1. Light: guidance, joy & life
      2. Salvation: deliverance, victory
      3. Stronghold: protection
         Illustration: (Knowing someone fully facilitates trust)

   B. Having faith despite threatening circumstances
      1. Crescendo of David's circumstances:
               Evil men, Enemies & foes, Army, War; (Past or future?)
      2. Complete confidence in God's protection is possible
         Illustration: (Past experiences building confidence in the future)

(vv. 4-6)
II. SEEK THE TREASURE OF THE LORD: Continual Fellowship with God 
  A. This should be our one and only purpose: Perpetual Communion
      1. Present goal, not merely future
      2. This desire is a natural outcome of our experiences of God's goodness. 
           (Cf. David's understanding)

   B. Out of this fellowship comes everything else (Cf. Matt 6:33)
      1. Discovering anew the beauty and graciousness of God
      2. Seeking the guidance and will of the Lord for our lives
      3. Living in the safety of God's protection:
         a. SAFE in His dwelling
         b. HIDDEN in the shelter of His tabernacle
         c. set upon a high rock, OUT OF REACH 
      4. Worshipping God with a jubilant heart of praise
         Illustration: (learning to utilize what is available)

   A. Presently, we may have great confidence in the Lord.
   B. Presently & looking ahead, we set our heart on pursuing continual 
        fellowship with God.


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