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Psalm 51:1-17

Author: Scott Foutz

Text: Psalm 51:1-17
Date Preached: 3/1/96 (Lent) 

Title: The Road to Repentance
Proposition: God delights in the repentant and surrendered heart

Intro: Lent = human repentance = Ps 51:1-2 (model)
	Foundation of Repentance = God's love [hesed], and forgiveness

I. We Must Know Our Own Sin (3-5) Repent of what?
	A. We know our specific sins (3) 
		- knowing = discernment
		- ever before me = conscience (both these grow thru prayer and the Word)
	B. We know to whom we are accountable (4)
		- God's righteousness is the standard of judgment 
	C. We know our utter sinfulness (5)

II. We Must Understand Our Need (6-13) Why repent?
	A. For Instruction (6)
		Truth & Wisdom: Art of skillful living; ability to cope w/ life in healthy & constructive ways
	B. For Cleansing (7)
		Hyssop (purify) = Whiter than snow
	C. For Restoration (8-12)
		Of Health (8-10) = "crushed bones"; physical, mental, spiritual effects of sin
		Of Relationship w/ God (11-12)
	D. For True Worship (13-15) = Divine Help necessary/ Not shamed into silence
		In Testimony/Instruction (13)
		In Song (14)
		In Praise (15)

III. We Must Surrender Ourselves to God (16-17) Repent how?
	A. We may want to sacrifice other things (16)
		E.g., time, money, appearance = David's sacrifice
	B. God delights in a surrendered and repentant heart (17) 
		This is an acceptable sacrifice, and will not be despised
		Isa. 57:15 = God dwells in and restores such a heart
		Isa. 66:2 = God esteems and values such a heart
		Ro 12:1 = spiritual worship = sacrifice of self-will/importance, & surrender of self to God 

Conclusion: As Easter approaches, Apply this model to yourself. (1,2,3)
	Making sure that we approach God with a surrendered and repentant heart.


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