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Topical: Redeemed Manhood

Author: Kent Berghuis

Redeemed Manhood

I.  Manhood in Creation

	A.  Leadership in creation (Gen 1:26-31).
		--"dominion" is the dominant biblical characteristic of the image of God.
		--man and woman together share that image and dominion.
		--this is the crown of the creation; all was good, this is "very good" (31).

	B.  Leadership in the family (Gen 2:7, 15-25).

		1.  Adam's creation preceded Eve's creation.
			--God created Adam from raw materials, and animated him himself.
			--God created Eve from Adam, she derived her life from his.
		2.  Adam's responsibility to obey preceded Eve's creation.
			--She wasn't around when the command about the tree was first given.
		3.  Adam alone proved unsuitable.
			--God paraded the animals by, presumably in both sexes.
			--No "suitable helper";  that is, alone he was not sufficient for his tasks.
		4.  Adam found completion in his relationship with Eve
			--He gives a hymn of praise to her
			--leave, cleave, be one flesh
			--naked and unashamed

II.  Manhood Fallen

	A.  Created order was disrupted in the fall (Gen 2:1-7).
		--the serpent comes from creation, over which Adam and Eve were to have 	
		dominion.  He subverts the order by deceiving Eve, whom Adam was supposed to 
		lead.  She gave it to her husband, and the implication is that he was not deceived, 	
	but willfully disobeyed.  As leader of the human race, sin was charged to mankind 	
	on his head (Rom 5:12).
		--this results in shame at their nakedness, "knowledge" of evil, and fear of God.

	B.  Family order was left potentially disrupted in the curse (Gen 2:8-21).
		--God continues to operate through the created order.  He begins his interrogation 	
	with Adam, then Eve, then he addresses the serpent.  Then he moves back through 	
	Eve to Adam, setting out the new order of fallen humanity's relationships.  This 	
	would include:

		1.  Pain in childbirth (and by implication, raising children).
		2.  Woman's (potentially subversive) desire for her husband.
		3.  Man's (potentially brutal) rule over woman.
		4.  Conflict with creation.
		5.  Death.

III.  Manhood Redeemed

	A.  Family order can be restored in Christ (Eph 5:22-33).

		--husbands represent the Lord to their wives and children.

		--husbands are to act like the Lord toward them, with his kind of loving 

		--caring for our wives is our greatest earthly priority.

	B.  Spiritual order can be reflected in the church 

		1.  1 Tim 2:8-15.

			--men are to lead in prayer, the purpose of which is the propagation of the 	

			--"holy hands" signifies integrity of character, leadership worth following.

			--"wrath and dissension" signify the normal, fallen state of our relationships,
			leading in brute force rather than love.  We must be free from this.

			--women are to respond to true male leadership appropriately.

		2.  1 Tim 3:1-13.

			--the qualities of bishops and deacons here reflect exemplary Christian 	
			character; that is, all Christian men should be like this, while leaders 	
			must be or they are deemed unfit.

			--family leadership reflects spiritual leadership (v. 5, 12).

		3.  1 Tim 5:1-2

			--we should see ourselves in a family relationship with others.

	C.  Created order will be restored after the return of Christ (Rev 20:5-6, 21:3-4, 22:1-3).

		--dominion will be restored

		--the curse will be lifted


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