Our New Discussion Forum Is Now Open!

If you've been a long-time visitor of TheologyWebsite, you may recall our rather vibrant Discussion Forum boating nearly 4000 registered users. From the earliest days of TheoWeb (circa 1998), we've striven to provide a sane, safe and academic arena of discussion for anyone wishing to debate, inquire or merely proclaim on a wide spectrum of theology-related topics. The prior forum grew a bit unwieldy and, due to technological constraints at the time, an administrator's nightmare in spam control, causing us to temporarily abandon the effort.

We are now happy to report that the newest incarnation of our Discussion Forum is now open to the public. Although the prior forum's content was vast, in-depth, yeah, unending... we've decided to start afresh; From scratch, as it were.

And so we welcome and heartily invite you to take a look, register and participate. I think you'll find our version of "discussion forum" quite refreshing, if indeed you are looking for a fairly moderated online environment for theological discussion.

We decided not to simply import all our previous forum's registered users into the new environment. Consider it a thinning of the pack. Thus if you were registered in the past, please go ahead and register again. Just like online reincarnation.

Hope to hear from you on the inside.


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