Tweetology Website is all aTwitter!

Well, Theology Website has joined the masses and now has a Twitter account which we invite you to follow. Twitter, as you may have heard, is an internet-based technology that allows for the transmission of short, (hopefully) informative messages. These messages (or "tweets") can be sent over the interTubes or to PDAs or cell phones.

You are able to "follow" your favorite Twitterers (tweeters?). This allows you to receive their messages directly through your own twitter account or via the device you choose (such as your cell phone). We'll also be posting our tweets on the Theology Website in the event you missed some of our (self-)important missives.

If you have a Twitter account (its free), we invite you to follow us. We certainly want you to be well informed regarding our most current posts and shenanigans. We'll also be using this to post announcements regarding Quodlibet Journal.

If you use Twitter (or are considering it) we hope you find this helpful and/or entertaining.

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