God is good. Always.

God is good. God is always good. God is good in every situation. In our blessing, He is good. In our unfaithfulness, He is yet good. In whatever comes upon us, God is good. Whether our trials are the making of others or of our own bad choices, God is good.

So, because He is good, He can be trusted. He can be trusted absolutely. He never fails, and will never fail us. God never forsakes us, though we are found faithless.

God has called me to be his own, to be a part of his people. He has called me to a high and glorious purpose, and to an intimate relationship with Him. He has called you to the same. We differ only in the details of our lives, not the truth of our call.

I know the truth of God's call. Its certainty surpasses the certainty of this day's sunrise. It is beyond doubt. I can build my life on the faithfulness of God's good call. It is a firm foundation. It is the firm foundation. This I know well.

And yet I wander. And yet I disobey. And yet, presented with this wondrous life - future and present both - I choose to play in the slop with pigs.

How can this be? How can a man - intelligent, educated, having seen the goodness of God over and again - make choices so appalling?

God! My God! Help me! Save me! Rescue from this pit into which I throw myself! Have mercy, O God! Have mercy, O my God!


The good work on the cross at calvary says it all.After man was enjoying freely in the Garden of Eden,man adhered to the deciet of satan.God being so good and gracious sent his only begotten son Jesus to die on the cross for our salvation.Inspite of our unfaithfulness to God,He exhibited His AWSOME LOVE to us.I sugges,christians must remain faithful and steadfast even when they are afflicted.

In the last paragraph i am constantly repeating those same words. God! My God! Help save and rescue me!... Have mercy on this poor disobediate soul!
I too have lost direction with faith within. Not with God! but with myself i have failed...
My focus on God has become the last thing in my life. I feel i've no control in mylife any more. I never say no to anyone if they ask for help. And of late i've let people down because i've ran out of energy... So i withdraw into myself and away from people - feeling more down when i said i would be there to help.
But the worst thing of all i feel really bad not putting God first in every minute - every hour of evry day as i did before. I think about not being able to see God's face when the time cames. I constantly have nightmare. Dreams of bad things happening to me and to other people. I pray to God not to let these dreams
came to pass, but after analsing these dreams i convince myself that these dreams is a part of our future.
I live on the second floor of a block of flats. Without looking down at ground level, each day i see a blue and beautiful sky with the sun shining a warm glow, even on the coldest day.
I take each day as a sign of God taking me through the storm and thank Him for waking me up for giving me another wonderful day that He has made. God never forgets us. Thats why i do try my best not to forget Him and what God has done for us by bringing salvation through His son Jesus Christ.

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