What would you ask? What would you answer?

Do you ever let your imagination run free? I mean, do you ever try to imagine some situation that you would like to see happen, or even one you don't especially want to happen, but that fascinates you? Sometimes an unchecked imagination can be dangerous. But used carefully, it can be an excellent tool, as well.

Some of my Air Force training had to do with planning for contingencies: If this situation occurs, what will we do in response? It's an important part of military life, but it's an interesting exercise in other situations, as well. What if...?

I was thinking this way just yesterday. What if God suddenly appeared in my presence? I mean after I got up off my face and started breathing again, what then? Would I ask him a question? What would it be?

I know a number of questions people say they would ask, but I honestly can't think of much for me. I have many questions, of course, but everything that comes to mind in this scenario seems utterly unsuited and trite for the situation. The main thing that comes over and again is, "Why? Why did you choose me?"

But we can also look at the situation in reverse: Some day I will be the one appearing in His presence. And then He will be asking the questions. What do I think he might ask me? And what will I answer?

The thought of standing before God and being told to give an account of my life is not pleasant. I cringe at the idea. When I think of my life, I remember some few things I have done, good things, that I might mention. Or not. Because I also remember many years of waste, of broken relationships, of sin, of anger and pain, and of a life that I would like to forget about, but can't.

So, when God asks me to give an account, I have little to say. I stand mute and ashamed. My response would likely be something like this: "God, I am utterly unworthy of even a glance from you, or even the tiniest bit of grace you might send my way. I am utterly undone, a worthless servant." Then, concluding, I would say, "God, I have nothing to recommend me, and nothing good to say about my life. All I can tell you is I believed Jesus when he said if I trusted him, he would save me."

What would you ask God? And what would you tell him in response to his questions?

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